Daddy’s New Toy

Lotta could simply not understand why we needed another barbecue when I ordered it. I guess it is one of those “male mysteries” that are very difficult to explain….?

I must admit that it was somewhat bigger then I anticipated. It didn’t look so big in the store, but once in inside a home environment it was huge! The box filled the entire trunk AND back seat on my XC60. Once back home I asked our well trained neighbor Fredrik to help me carry it up to the third floor. We gave up after 4 steps and had to open the box and carry the grill up in pieces. Now I have an interesting project tomorrow in assembling the master piece.

The girls and I has made a small cottage out of the box in the living room. Today they where 4 girls in there, with matresses and blankets. Ebba-Stina wanted her and Lotta to sleep in it tonight, but fortunately (for us both) I have my dear wife beside me in bed!

I look forward to dismantle the box and get it out as it takes most of the free floor space, but I’m afraid it will be there for awhile!


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