I’m On Fire

Today was, formally, my last day of paternity leave. Tomorrow it is weekend and then it is “back to the mill” on Monday. This will not be “the sentimental last blog occasion” (you’ll have to wait until Sunday evening), but I must admit I’ve had the time of my life!

The plan for today was to leave the girls at kinder garten and then go to the golf club to try my new clubs and have a loooong lunch in the sun. The sun was there, no bad planning in that sense… However Ebba-Stina woke us up at five in the morning feeling sick, so I spent 2 hours sitting (half asleep) at her bed side. After that we didn’t want to send them to kindergarten, but when she woke up at 9.30 she was more alert than ever and ate breakfast like a horse. I spent the day with my blondes at home instead, which was very nice aswell and the golf clubs are still shining on me every time I open the storage.

In the afternoon, in the sun, to the tunes of Springsteen’s “I’m on fire”, we lit up the Weber for the first time and I caught fire as well (not literary). It is magnificent piece of art and the steakes became absolutely perfect (beginners luck?). If I hadn’t been married to Lotta I would have proposed there and then…(luckily I’ve come to my senses).The feeling with the grill exceeded my expectations by l”ight years” and I had to go up to the terrace to “pat it good night” before going to bed.

The odds for steak tomorrow aswell does not even give your money back! Before that, though, the plan is to take the boat for an ice cream at an island in the southern archipelago. The morning plan is 10k along the river and bringing a nice piece of bread home from the bakery on the way back. I better go to sleep now…. and I know what I’ll dream about!


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2 Responses to I’m On Fire

  1. Martin says:

    Tonight we have premier on the new import. A good Ripasso is already opened and soon my 2 inch “bone in rib-eye” will be sizzling on the cast iron grate. My newly found friend at Frölunda Butchershop had a beautifull well hanged piece. 1.1 kg split on two, I already know it will be a good night!

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