To My Girls – I Love You!

Tomorrow is the first day of the next phase in the life of our family. Both girls will go to kindergarten and for the first time in close to two years, both of us will work. The previous phase has been fantastic. To have Ilse in our life and to see her grow into a small girl is a gift that is difficult to describe. Ebba-Stina has really developed in this period aswell. She’s a fantastic daughter, friend and sister, although she’s struggeling from time to time. It is not always easy to only be five and the big sister at the same time….

Sweden is a marvelous society, that offers the possability for us to take care of our children in their early ages. The children need it and the parents need it. Sweden is also a modern society in the sense that we have come so far in allowing the fathers to take a big role in the life of our children. Although my wife think I blooged more about my new Weber than the children at the end, I realise how fortunate I am. But I’m also proud that I took the opportunity. It was not a given decision for me and of course I have to thank my wife for pushing me (she can be very persuasive) in that decision.

As I will be a controller again tomorrow I have to mention some statistics. 93 posts (including this one) in 150 days is more than one every second day. Quite amazing to have so much to write about when you are on paternity leave. What is even more amazing to me is that on average 10 persons a day has been interested in our whereabouts. The most exotic visit was from someone from South Korea that wanted to read my post about “The Things You Do For Love”. I’m not sure what he or she was looking for, but I hope I gave some inspiration.

Today the girls and I spent half an hour at the play ground. It was a typical early autumn Sunday. Rain or drissle through the day and that particular light that tells you that the summer is over for this year. It used to be a time when I felt really down on those Sundays. Some might say it is a sign of age, but now I love the last day of the week. Sundays are THE day with no “have to’s” and when I see the early signs of Autumn I just look forward to it. I believe my girls (all three of them) has helped me develop in this. Take a look at Ilse on the picture. She doesn’t care about that it is Monday tomorrow and that she’ll go to kinder garten. She just want me to order a meal at her fantasy restaurant, right there and then. She’s unaware of the Euro development nor the weak marine industry. She just wants me to order, serve me some wood chips and get paid in stones.

That is what I have appreciated the most during this period, to be “here and now”. Children are good at that and I have become better at it…

To My Girls – I Love You!


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One Response to To My Girls – I Love You!

  1. Ulrika says:

    Så mysigt. Hoppas det har gått bra att skola in Ilse och att de båda nu trivs på dagis och att ni trivs med det nya livet som två arbetande föräldrar. 🙂

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